Fey Spirit (fey_spirit) wrote,
Fey Spirit

Halloween 2009 Continues

We've watched a couple of good flicks in the last few days - one of which I just reviewed.
We went on a Halloween Scavenger Hunt (more on that later), delivered Halloween Party invites, eaten good food. (Check out fey_cooks), went on the Old Louisville Haunted Bus tour.

In short it's been good Halloween fun all around =)
We also decided to see if we could find a couple of good Halloweenesque Voyager episodes because I was jonsing for a Janeway fix and we decided on Night from Season 5.

Now I just need to get the place cleaned up, decorate and create a cooking list.

Halloween Party Plan:

Monday: Buy a crown for my costume & Create the menu
Tuesday: Clean up the house
Wednesday: Decorate & Shop
Thursday: Make any of the food that can be done ahead
Friday: Last Minute Details
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