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Two Days Late

Let's talk about the 7th... we didn't do anything Halloween at all we even missed Eastwick. Deb came home and we drove up to Louisville and had dinner at Erica's German Resturant - which I have been craving for weeks.

The 8th - I will give you cliff notes on, and then I will go back to my regular posting scheduale later tonight (and post yesterday for you guys).

The Movies:

Final Destination - One of my favorite flicks in this genre - and without a doubt my favorite of the 3.. or should I say 4. Tony Todd is hot as death... "That's one mack daddy you do not want to fuck with." And I loved the entire concept - one of Deb's favorite horror concepts as well. Clear without a doubt is one of my all time favorite scream queen characters.

Eastwick - Ok this is not a movie - but we downloaded the episode off of ABC because frankly we can't stand to miss it at this point - and actually love it more then Sons of Anarchy. Charmed meets Desperate Housewives, with just a pinch of Practical Magic thrown in for fun.

The Menu: I did a french menu in honor of the kids going to France in Final Destination.

French Baggutes
French Oinion Soup

Creamy Basil Pasta

Milk and Dark Chocolate Cake
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