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Dark City

Dark City: The Director’s Cut

Movie Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars
In Brief: Dark City is a cult classic, and with good reason.

minerva_fan Says: "Is it just me or was Jennifer Connelly in a coma the entire movie?”

Amazon Synopsis: Alex Proyas directs this shadowy sci-fi masterpiece about a man (Rufus Sewell) who awakens to find himself accused of murder in a strange city. Now, he must untangle his jumbled memories while eluding both the police and a woman claiming to be his wife (Jennifer Connelly). This special edition director's cut boasts 11 minutes of new footage, plus commentary from Proyas, screenwriters Lem Dobbs and David S. Goyer and film critic Roger Ebert.

My Synopsis: What happens when you wake up to realize that everything you thought you knew about your life – is a lie?

This movie (which I am sure most of you have seen by now, and if not – why not?) catches hold of your imagination from the first moment John Murdock appears on screen, and doesn’t let go until the closing credits.

Visually – Dark City is one of the most stunning movies I have ever seen, the depth of philosophy and thought that go into this movie is a gift to its audience. The sound is amazing – the characters interesting and capable of provoking a deep sense of familiarity in viewers.

The only true flaw in Dark City is Jennifer Connelly who manages to be so dull she prompted my wife to ask if she was in a comma during filming. She actually managed to make one of my favorite songs Sway Me Now boring.

Despite Connelly’s rather lackluster performance Dark City stands heads and shoulders above the competition – and best of all? It didn’t make the same mistake as it’s most oft heralded counterpoint The Matrix… Dark City stopped while it was still intensely interesting.

--->Warning Here There Be Spoilers<--

Some of my favorite moments included :

The goldfish scene really stands out to me – and I love that Bumstead later asks the same question I asked the first time I saw it… “What kind of a serial killer stops to save a dying goldfish.”

Anything with Bumstead in it – I loved that man

The syringe scene at the end where Schreiber teaches John about the Strangers.

The final battle between John and Mr Book

--->End Spoilers<---

I highly recommend this movie for: Sci Fi fans, those who prefer their movies to make them think.

A deep and intense look into the reality of humanity – not on the outside but on the inside… a film that manages to be a feast for the eyes while making us ponder what it is that makes us distinctly human.
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