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The Death of Ian Stone

The Death of Ian Stone

Movie Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars
In Brief: This was a solid film with a new spin on an old idea.

minerva_fan Says: "You realize I am never going to be able to pass a stopped clock again without twitching right??”

Amazon Synopsis: On an otherwise ordinary night, the young Ian Stone encounters a mysterious creature and is forced into the path of an oncoming train. Rather than facing certain death, Ian finds himself reborn into a new life that feels strangely familiar. After his second death,it becomes apparent that Ian is being hunted by an evil presence, and will be forced to die every day until he can solve the mystery of his own life.

My Synopsis: What’s not to like about a dark beauty in red leather?

Apparently everything.
Is it wrong that I found our primary antagonist a rather luscious raven haired beauty to be the most attractive female in the movie? Ah well if loving her is wrong…

You can’t help but draw parallels between this movie and Dark City – but the more I ponder the ways they are alike the more I realize how very different these two movies are. While Dark City falls more into Sci Fi, Ian Stone is definitely a solid entry in the horror genre. Where Dark City is deep and intelligent and philosophical, Ian Stone is fast paced, simple enough for any audience to grasp, and a great deal of fun… with maybe just a pinch of philosophy thrown in for good measure.

It’s really hard to say much more about this movie without giving away primary points to the plot – since a great deal of the suspense is in the discovering of who Ian is and what is going on. Given that – watch the movie… then come back and talk to me. =)

--->Warning Here There Be Spoilers<--

Some of my favorite moments included :

The scene at the end when Ian faced down that Harvester – it gave you the clear feeling that there would be more coming – but our boy was ready to handle anything they threw his way… giving me peace in a happy ending.

The opening scenes with Media who is just HOT

I love the way Ian looks when he transforms – love seems to agree with their type… appearance wise anyway.

--->End Spoilers<---

I highly recommend this movie for: Anyone who likes stories about changing realities, creature lovers, horror fans who like the concept that love conquers all.

If you’re looking for something romantic, fun, kind of creepy and only mildly gory this Halloween season pick up The Death of Ian stone – it offers all the best of a date movie with artistically designed creatures and lots of blood.
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