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Rooting for the Wherewolf

Yesterday was a bit long… started a new Sims game that revolves around the development of a town built by witches, that’s kind of fun.

Didn’t do much except watch movies in the way of Halloween fun yesterday – but Deb dug out Drunk Bob (Our Scarecrow that we can never get to really stand up so he’s always standing at a funky angle…)

Not much in the way of spooky surprises – but I didn’t get out much either.

One of the best things about last night was making fun of Silver Bullet with Deb.

Seriously we’re hoping that Stephen was going for a spoof – otherwise it is no official, even Stephen can really blow it now and again.

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The Movies

Silver Bullet

The Menu:

Chili Dogs: You can find a great cooking method here.
French Fries, Popcorn, and Butterfingers & M&Ms.

The theme behind the menu? Stephen King – who in an interview said that his favorite thing about going to the movies was the snack bar. I took that as my inspiration and made a meal out of food you can find at a movie house snack bar.

Well that’s the latest installment kiddies – I’ll see you again tomorrow morning.
Happy Haunting boys and ghouls!

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