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Another Day in Haunted Paradise

Yesterday was a bit hectic due to personal technical difficulties.
That said I still managed to get sort of caught back up =)

I’m back on track with my movies – having missed Something Wicked This Way Comes – but procuring a promise from the wife that we can watch it in November.

I got at least part of the decorating done – the Halloween Tree is up.
Still needs lights and spiders – but it’s up and it has its snake weaved through its branches. (Pic when it’s finished)

I also finished making the 40 treat bags for the upcoming month (Starting on the 10th we each get one bag a day.) Each bag contains Peanut M&Ms, Candy Corn and either a snickers or a kit kat. Our very own daily Trick or Treat until Halloween Night when we’ll have a full candy cauldron.

The first of my 3 movies came in (the ones I bought from Amazon) so I’m a happy girl. I am now the proud owner of Needful Things, now I’m just waiting for Sometimes They Come Back and Langoliers. (Yes – all Stephen King.)

I’m hoping to finish the decorating tonight – but we’ll see what happens.

Not much in the way of spooky surprises – what with most of the day being either at home or buying groceries.

One of the best things about last night was watching Diary of Ellen Rembauer.

We had never seen it before, and I wasn’t sure how it would hold up against Rose Red – but in the end I was very pleasantly surprised. In my opinion it is actually the superior movie.

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The Movies

Diary of Ellen Rimbauer
Rose Red - The first time I ever saw this movie, I swear I heard hammering noises when we turned out the lights to go to bed.

The Menu:

Moroccan Fish Balls – I won’t inflict the recipe upon you… it was an attempt that went rather badly at an African Appetizer. This was in honor of Sukeena Ellen’s closest companion.

Salmon in Govener’s Sauce: A dish that I adapted from a traditional 1900’s dish in honor of the time period in which Rose Red was built.

Lemon Cream, Poundcake Trifle: Adapted from another early 19th century recipe

Well that’s the latest installment kiddies – I’ll see you again tomorrow morning.
Happy Haunting boys and ghouls!

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